How to write a program to support Plink Binary data format
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7.8 years ago
haohanw ▴ 90

Is there possible for me to write my program to support plink binary data format?

So far, several libraries support this function, but they are either in C++ or Python. I need a Javascript version, and I couldn't find such an implementation anywhere.

Then I tried to implement my javascript library. However, I need the information about how these binary files are coded, and unfortunately, Plink website does not disclose this information.

Could anyone help a little on this? by either:

  1. Point a Javascript library that can read Plink binary file format (This is unlikely to be found since I have been trying for a while. )
  2. Or help me point to some instructions about how to write a program to read Plink binary file format. (It seems their official introduction does not disclose this information. )
plink bed • 2.4k views
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7.8 years ago

There are detailed descriptions of the plink1 .bed file format at and .


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