Question: Problem displaying stats in ggcyto after log-transformation (flow cytometry analysis in R)
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srinivasarao.rao0 wrote:

I am using ggcyto package in R to plot flow cytometry data, and to display stats on the plot, I am using the geom_stats() function as shown here:

But while the plot and gates look fine, geom_stats is not working and I get the following warning messages when I run ggcyto()...geom_stats()

Warning messages: 1: Removed 27 rows containing missing values (geom_hex). 2: Removed 2 rows containing missing values (geom_label). 3: Removed 2 rows containing missing values (geom_label). 4: Removed 2 rows containing missing values (geom_label). 5: Removed 2 rows containing missing values (geom_label).

This is the code, but it's not a working example as the data files (FCS files exported from BD FACSdiva) are not uploaded.

# libraries ----

# load FCS files ----
files <- list.files(path = "Folder_001/Experiment_001/", pattern = "Specimen", full.names = TRUE)
expt1 <- read.flowSet(files = files, name.keyword = "$FIL", alter.names = TRUE)

# log-transform PI and Annexin V data ----
logTrans <- logTransform(transformationId="log10-transformation", logbase=10, r=1, d=1)
trans <- transformList(c("PI.A", "BV421.A"), logTrans)
expt1.trans <- transform(expt1, trans)

# clean up NA/NaN/Inf ----
for(n in 1:length(expt1.trans)){
  exprs(expt1.trans[[n]]) <- exprs(expt1.trans[[n]])[!rowSums(!is.finite(exprs(expt1.trans[[n]]))), ]

# Add gates (flowWorkspace) ----
gate <- rectangleGate(filterId="myRectGate", "FSC.A"=c(0, 255000), "SSC.A"=c(0, 75000))
qg <- quadGate(filterId="myQuadGate1", "PI.A"=log10(10000), "BV421.A"=log10(3000)) <- GatingSet(expt1.trans), gate, parent = "root", name = "rect", recompute = TRUE), qg, parent = "rect", name = c("Early apoptotic", "Dead", "PI only", "Live"))
gated.selected <-[c(8, 6)]

# plot ----
p <- ggcyto(gated.selected, aes(x = PI.A, y = BV421.A)) +
  geom_hex(bins = 200) +
  geom_gate(gates) + 
  labs(x = "PI", y = "Annexin V") + 

Looking at the ggplot object created by ggcyto, it looks like the problem might be with the x and y columns in the labels data frames, which have NA's, but manually modifying these columns does not seem to have any effect.

   x  y label PANEL group colour  fill size angle hjust vjust alpha family fontface lineheight
1 NA NA 9.16%     1    -1  black white 3.88     0   0.5   0.5    NA               1        1.2
2 NA NA 8.88%     2    -1  black white 3.88     0   0.5   0.5    NA               1        1.2

Hope that is all the relevant information, but please let me know if I missed anything. Thanks.

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go2rsr30 wrote:

The maintainer of ggcyto has solved this issue for me, just posting this for anyone else who ends up here from a Google search.

Briefly, there are negative values in my data which generate NaN and Inf/-Inf upon log transformation. Instead, if I do a logicle transformation (, there are no missing values and geom_stats() works as expected.

trans <- estimateLogicle(expt1[[1]], c("PI.A", "BV421.A"))
expt1.trans <- transform(expt1, trans)
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