Job:Bioinformatics Scientist with NGS expertise opportunity in the USA
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7.8 years ago
susan ▴ 30

Our Client is expanding development of molecular diagnostics to improve health care. The company is based in the Central North region and has rapidly grown by creating and marketing superior genetic tests for use in clinical practice across the country. We are looking for bioinformatics scientists to help us continue to build upon our innovation in molecular diagnostics.

We are seeking bioinformatics scientists who can:

  • support production analysis systems
  • develop assay quality metrics to support manufacturing and assay QA/QC programs
  • mine biological datasets to generate new insights and understanding
  • develop new methodologies and algorithms
  • design bioinformatics pipelines to support new assays and platforms
  • analyze sequencing data to support scientists in development efforts

We prefer bioinformatics scientists with strong experience in Next Generation sequencing analysis, and in particular, candidates should be familiar with tools for read mapping, variant calling, as well as standard sequencing formats (fastq, bam, vcf, etc). Strong software skills are strongly preferred in both compiled languages (such as C#, C,C++, or Java) and scripting languages (such as python or R, but python is strongly preferred). We are especially interested in expertise in databases, cloud/hpc, analysis automation, and process QC.

We seek scientists with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or a related quantitative field.

For more information, please contact Susan by email so that we can schedule an appointment.

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