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7.1 years ago

Hey guys. I recently started working on gtManipulator which is a Python package designed to read, compress and manipulate .csv and .txt files containing genotyping data. The package is still in its infancy but can handle most types of NGS SNP call data. This package is extremely useful for people who have a pipeline that requires knowing allelic frequencies for SNPs across multiple lines and the major and minor heterozygous and homozygous alleles for a given SNP. The package can also compress the generated data to help save some space if you will be dealing with very large amounts of data. The package can also convert AB genotyping calls to their nucleotide counterparts when reference and alternative alleles are given. Additionally, there is also a GUI available for the package if you just want something quick and dirty. Below is the link to the GitHub repository. I would love some feedback/issue logging and also let me know if you can think of any features that should be added. There will be more updates over time as well as some tutorials. For now, please use the docstrings for information or directly ask me - formal documentation will be created in the future! Also if you would like to contribute feel free to do so! I think this is a package worth working on however, I could be mistaken so please share your thoughts. It would be much appreciated!

gtManipulator - Python package


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