Visualisation of Multiple Alignment Files (MAFs) with IGV
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7.0 years ago
morovatunc ▴ 550


I am very confused about adding 46-way conserved mutation data to my IGV visualisation because those MAFs are very huge. Is there a size reduction method that I can use for my specific problem? ie we change the bed graph to bigwig? I have seen a biostar thread about using mafRegions function to subset the specific region but I really would like to keep it all since i dont want to reproduce it again if my BED changes.

Separately, one of my colleagues suggested to transfer all of the bw to UCSC browser(since 46-ways is there as a track), It would also make my life easier in terms of sharing data. My question is when I load my data to UCSC is it directly public ?

I am very confused with the visualisation part so any idea would be very useful,

Best regards,


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