Tool:LabwareJS: Represent Microplates and Flowcells in SVG
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5.9 years ago
Dan D 7.3k

I know from previous questions that a lot of us get roped into doing LIMS work, which sometimes directly involves bioinformatics and other times is just tangential. There are also situations where we need to make interfaces to existing tools.

Anyway, I don't see much out there for rendering labware, and it seems like something that would be really useful. So I've started the LabwareJS project.

The code is currently in the "toying around" phase. It's really basic because I'm not sure what direction to take it for maximum usefulness. I've made more-polished versions of this for my own use cases, but I'm trying to keep this generally applicable while still presenting some benefit. Any feedback would be happily considered.

You can see some examples here.

lims svg Tool • 1.3k views

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