Heatmap re-ordering in plotly
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4.8 years ago
Joe 19k

I realise this isn't strictly bioinformatics, but I asked the same question on SO and got no reply so I'm hoping you guys might be able to help (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41231318/prevent-plot-ly-reordering-matrix)

In an older version of plotly, the default behaviour was to plot a heatmap as specified in the matrix used to construct it, unless directed otherwise. Recently the default behaviour seems to have changed and now the x axis is organised in a non-natural number numerical sort (so 1 and 10,11,12,13 are next to one another etc.)

Does anyone have any idea how to stop this?

All the code and the 2 images (before and after) are in the SO thread linked above. All help appreciated.

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