Question: Problem when trying to extract column value using "awk" from txt table
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Wet&DryImmunology220 wrote:

Hi I have the regions of interest (ROIs) generated using ROSE ( the information of ROIs was generated as output as a txt "H3K27acDP_peaks_AllEnhancers_ENHANCER_TO_GENE.txt"

the inside of the txt looks like this (only the first 3 rows are shown here):

#H3K27acDP_peaks Enhancers  OVERLAP_GENES   PROXIMAL_GENES  CLOSEST_GENE    enhancerRank    isSuper
2_H3K27ac_WTDP_peak_8539_lociStitched   chr6    41482303    41510764    2   26841   100899.9372 3865.0038   1       Ephb6,Prss2 Prss2   1   1
12_H3K27ac_WTDP_peak_8627_lociStitched  chr6    71249202    71328945    12  47488   101791.9395 10342.6671  2   Cd8a,Cd8b1  Krcc1,Smyd1 Cd8b1   2   1

I wanted to extract columns from this table to generate stand gtf file as input for DESeq2 (a R package for the analysis of regions with differentially enriched regions), for that purpose, I used:

awk '{OFS="\t"; print $2, "DP_enhancers","enhancer", $3, $4, "0.000000","-",".", $12}' H3K27acDP_peaks_AllEnhancers_ENHANCER_TO_GENE.txt > H3K27acDP_enhancers.gff &

but I did not get the gtf file which I wanted, here the first 4 rows are shown:

chr6    DP_enhancers    enhancer    41482303    41510764    0.000000    -   .   1
chr6    DP_enhancers    enhancer    71249202    71328945    0.000000    -   .   Cd8b1
chr14   DP_enhancers    enhancer    54779797    54858773    0.000000    -   .   Dad1
chr17   DP_enhancers    enhancer    47640970    47694393    0.000000    -   .   Ccnd3

the problem is the first row, the "awk" seemed to fail to recognize there is a empty value for the column "OVERLAP_GENES", so instead of treating "Prss2" as $12, awk extract "1" which belongs to "enhancerRank" as $12, while the other rows seemed to be Ok. if just for the first row, I guess I could try to extract $11, instead of $12, but it would be problematic for most of the other rows. Anyone has idea to solve the problem please kindly let me know.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Asaf8.4k wrote:

Try adding -F"\t" to the awk , i.e. awk -F"\t" '{OFS....

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@Asaf. I don't know what magic you have suggested, but it worked, perfectly! What is "-F"\t" "? why it could solve the problem?

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awk splits to columns using any whitespace, if there are consecutive whitespaces it will consider them as one delimiter. When defying the column splitting character to be tab (with -F"\t") then when it sees consecutive tabs it will treat them as two splitters.

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I see. Tks for patient explanation!

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You could have also done:

awk '{FS=OFS="\t"; prin..

Field Separator equals Output Field Separator equals..

In general it's a good idea to place this kind of stuff into a begin block so that the rules are executed before anything is read:

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="\t"}{print..}'
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I think it tells the input file is tab separated.

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I moved this to an answer so it can get accepted.

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