comparative genomic analysis to obtain current status of each fungal genome existing databases and to analysis and differentiate between pathogen and endophyte in the existing fungal databases
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4.6 years ago


  1. I need the current status of all the fungal genomes in the existing databases, i would like to know if there any automated process to obtain this information.

For the above question i have tried this, since its an old post and NCBI have removed GIs since September 2016, the scripts are throwing lots of errors with not a proper result. so is there any other way to do this task?

  1. how do i differentiate or classify fungi into pathogen and endophyte, so i can make this an automated process. It would really helpful if you direct me into the right path to make this an automated process.

if there are any tool, resource which can do any of the above task or similar task please provide me with a link, it would be a great help.

Thank you.

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