Job:Multiple Scientist Positions at 23andMe, Inc. Mountain View, CA, USA
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23andMe Research - We are hiring!

23andMe's mission is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. We are a group of passionate individuals excited to push the boundaries of what's possible to help turn genetic insight into better health and personal understanding.

Our Research Team prides itself on driving cutting edge, industrial-scale science to make an impact that belies the team's size, in an environment and culture that fosters creativity, innovation, collaboration, and fun.

More than 80% of our customers consent to participate in research, and as a result of their participation, we have one of the largest recontactable, genotyped, and phenotyped research cohorts in the world. The scope and breadth of our vision means that most of the methods and tools necessary to unlock the potential of this unique resource for discovery have yet to be developed.

Our science has garnered the respect of many members of the broader scientific community. For a list of our publications, see here.

Join us! Visit our Careers page to learn more about these open positions:

  • Scientist, Research Communications
  • Bioinformaticist
  • Computational Biologist, Ancestry R&D
  • Scientist/Senior Scientist, Statistical Genetics
  • Scientist/Senior Scientist, Survey Methodology
  • Scientist/Senior Scientist, Health R&D
  • Biostatistician
  • Senior Computational Biologist
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seems like the career page for the positions are down.


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