Tool:MUTAFRAME - a web app for mutation effect prediction & visualization
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4.5 years ago

Hi everyone,

June 23 2019 edit

We now have 3D structures generated for your protein of interest. You will have access to comparing ML based (deogen2), heuristic and SNP Music scores for your variants.

3D Model

February 2 2019 edit

You can now login to MutaFrame to gain access to beta testing and access to exclusive features that we will be releasing in upcoming months. Lower user ids (earlier registrants) gain priority.

April 26 2018 edit:

We have updated MutaFrame with a new addon varCraft (variant-Craft) to include exonic mutations from ExAC and label false negatives found in OMIM as well as cross referencing accession names from Ensembl. You will be able to scroll through a heatmap and see each mutations predicted score as shown below:


We hope our new features will be helpful in your research. Reach to us from or the google group

I would like to post a recent project I have completed. The Mutaframe platform is a web app for single nucleotide variation affect prediction for human proteins. You can drag/drop your fasta files or enter the UniprotID. It currently harbors 1 prediction tool based on machine learning.

I am the front end developer of the Mutaframe platform and the visualization tools used within the page. The visualization tools used are collectively named 'Lexicon' and will be migrated to github account with tutorials on how you can use them. All Lexicon micro libraries are licensed under the license specified on the github.

If you would like to read about the publication you can check in Nucleic Acids Research web server issue in about a couple of days. The DOI is 10.1093/nar/gkx390

I would also like to thank all the co-authors and the people who put effort in the work, especially Julien Ferte who developed the backend/serverside of the platform.

For questions, you can contact me from here or

Below you can find a couple of snap shots, you will need a modern browser for the application to work properly( ie10+, firefox, safari, chrome etc.):

SNP visualization proteomics mutation Tool • 2.3k views
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Dear Biostars Community,

We have our 3rd party API ready and in test phase. If you want your application links to point to a certain mutation in, get in contact with me and request an API Key.



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