Forum:Typical costs for RNA-Seq analysis
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6.4 years ago
ariel.balter ▴ 210

This is kind of the wrong place to post this question given that we are all analysts who do the work (mostly at universities) rather than sending it out. But I would like to know what companies that do analysis that is out-sourced generally charge. Consider an experiment such as this--three biological replicates, each with three samples:

sample treatment replicate
t1_A Tx1 A
t2_A Tx2 A
c_A control A
t1_B Tx1 B
t2_B Tx2 B
c_B control B
t1_C Tx1 C
t2_C Tx2 C
c_C control C

What do you think an investigator would need to pay to outsource standard analysis:

  1. Sample quality
  2. Gene expression per sample
  3. Cross-sample FDR within replicate
  4. Cross-replicate FDR
  5. Pathway analysis
  6. Standard visualizations (MDS, PCA, MA, heatmap, venn)
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Would the company also do the sequencing? We once got a similar analysis for free though the company initially listed around 50 usd (following sequencing)


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