GATB-CORE set up in LoRDEC
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4.5 years ago
shuchen ▴ 10

I am installing LoRDEC for long read correction.

Following is the installation instruction of LoRDEC. I am having trouble with the 4th step. Could anyone give me some advice? Thank you so much!

  1. Unpack LoRDEC-0.6.tar.gz.

  2. cd LoRDEC-0.6

  3. Download the GATB Core library from LoRDEC has been tested with GATB Core 1.0.6. Either download the binary version or follow the instructions to build the GATB Core library from the sources. for linux systems type: make installdep

  4. Modify the GATB variable in Makefile in the LoRDEC-0.6 directory to point to your installation of GATB Core library.

  5. Run make in directory LoRDEC-0.6.

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