News:Mendel,MD: A user-friendly open-source web tool for analyzing WES and WGS in the diagnosis of patients with Mendelian disorders
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7.0 years ago

Whole exome and whole genome sequencing have both become widely adopted methods for investigating and diagnosing human Mendelian disorders. As pangenomic agnostic tests, they are capable of more accurate and agile diagnosis compared to traditional sequencing methods. This article describes new software called Mendel,MD, which combines multiple types of filter options and makes use of regularly updated databases to facilitate exome and genome annotation, the filtering process and the selection of candidate genes and variants for experimental validation and possible diagnosis. This tool offers a user-friendly interface, and leads clinicians through simple steps by limiting the number of candidates to achieve a final diagnosis of a medical genetics case. A useful innovation is the "1-click" method, which enables listing all the relevant variants in genes present at OMIM for perusal by clinicians. Mendel,MD was experimentally validated using clinical cases from the literature and was tested by students at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, at GENE-Núcleo de Genética Médica in Brazil and at the Children's University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. We show in this article how it can simplify and increase the speed of identifying the culprit mutation in each of the clinical cases that were received for further investigation. Mendel,MD proved to be a reliable web-based tool, being open-source and time efficient for identifying the culprit mutation in different clinical cases of patients with Mendelian Disorders. It is also freely accessible for academic users on the following URL:

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