RNA-seq compare FPKM's or fold change of different organisms
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6.9 years ago
jehu ▴ 30

Hi there,

I have RNA-seq results of C.elegans with FPKM's per replicate and average log2 fold-change. The RNA-seq analysis was performed on wildtype animals compared to Emery dreifus muscular dystrophy mutants.

I thought that it would be nice (for a project) to search for FPKMs/fold-changes of human RNA seq and Mouse RNA-seq. On the internet I found some heart failure data of fold change, and some myocardial gene expression FPKM data of another paper.

So the question is could i compare FPKM's of different organisms and or Fold-changes? Maybe I could focus on the heat shock and muscle genes changes since those will be probably in common.

Hope i made myself clear if not please let me know!

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Comparing read count between organisms is not recommended. Comparing fold-change, however, sounds like a good idea if you could find similar comparisons.


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