ALLPATHS-LG error correction Perl script run error
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4.7 years ago
Anand Rao ▴ 470

Does anyone on the forum here have experience successfully using of ALLPATHS-LG for error correction of Illumina reads. I have PE 2*150bp HiSeq 4000 data.

But with 2 different versions - 44837, and 52488, I am receiving this same error:

Use of uninitialized value $args{"_extra"} in concatenation (.) or string at /share/apps/allpathslg-44837/bin/ line 291.

The run does not terminate right away. This may appear cross posted with ALLPATHS-LG error correction step problem, but I am changing my question here so there are technical replies that can help overcome my technical problems. THANKS!

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