Tool:GeneFuse: gene fusion detection and visualization with interactive HTML report
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5.1 years ago
chen ★ 2.4k

GeneFuse is a tool to detect and visualize gene fusions. It is written in C++ and only depends on libz library.

It can generate interactive HTML report with following information:

  • the fusion genes, along with their transcripts.
  • the inferred break point with reference genome coordinations.
  • the inferred fusion protein, with all exons and the transcription direction.
  • the supporting reads, with all bases colorized according to their quality scores.
  • the number of supporting reads, and how many of them are unique (the rest may be duplications)

Informative and interactive HTML report

Github project

HTML report screenshot

See the HTML page of this picture:

This tool is renamed to GeneFuse since FusionScan is taken by another older project.

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Hi Chen,

Unfortunately you choose a name for your tool that has been already taken. GENEFUSE is my entity I have used it for some time. If you wish to continue to use that name you would have to include me (Anthony Vattay) as a "collaborator".

By the way where are you located. I am in Cambridge MA.

We could discuss future experiments.

Cheers, Tony Anthony Vattay


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