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4.2 years ago

I am running sam ver 2.0 in R. I have a one class time course data, which does not have any missing values. Following are the response variable for samr : 1Time2Start 1Time16End 1Time0Start 1Time2 1Time16End 1Time0Start 1Time2End 1Time0Start 1Time2 1Time16End 1Time0Start 1Time2 1Time16End

When i run samr with this command: a<- SAM(x=dat.1,y=resp, resp.type=c("One class timecourse"), nperms=100, logged2 = TRUE,time.summary.type="slope",return.x=TRUE)

I get the error: Error in quantile.default(sd, seq(0, 1, len = 101)) : missing values and NaN's not allowed if 'na.rm' is FALSE

Since the quantile.default is not a parameter option, rather apart of the code inside, how do I address this error. Thanks for your suggestions!

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