how can i inter into my root directory in SRA (NCBI) and create subdirectory?
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6.6 years ago
kk.mahsa ▴ 140

i want to submit my SRA in NCBI and using ascp and following command, my data uploaded in my root directory.

ascp -i /home/genome/Gb/aspera.openssh -QT -l100m -k1 -d /home/genome/Gb/mySRA.gz

now, as NCBI's guide:

I uploaded all data files into my personal folder but I cannot see any files or folders when promted to select one.

Answer: Please make sure that you uploaded your files into subfolder (the subfolder should not contain nested directories!) that you created within your root directory uploads/user@email.com_xxxxx. If you uploaded your files into your root directory, create new directory within your root directory (mkdir <name>), move your files into this directory (mv * <name>) and allow 15 minutes for file discovery before selecting it when prompted

any body know, how can i inter in my root directory to make sub-directory and file displacement?

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i found my answer and share it with you

using -d (Create target directory if it doesn't already exist) option and adding your desired name for sub-directory, your problem will be solved like this.

ascp -i /home/genome/Gb/aspera.openssh \
    -QT -l100m -k1 -d /home/genome/Gb/mySRA.gz \

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