Something is wrong with getTagMatrix (A command in ChIPseeker)?
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3.4 years ago
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I am using ChIPseeker for data nalysis. When I am running the getTagMatrix command, errors occured as follows:

promoter <- getPromoters(TxDb=GhTM_1, upstream=3000, downstream=3000) tagMatrixList <- lapply(peaks, getTagMatrix, windows=promoter) Error: cannot allocate vector of size 23 Kb In addition: Warning message: In .Seqinfo.mergexy(x, y) : Each of the 2 combined objects has sequence levels not in the other: - in 'x': scaffold100043, scaffold1000_A04, scaffold100178, scaffold100186, scaffold100259,......
[... truncated]

It's my first time to use this package. So what's this problem? Hope somebody to help me.

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