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3.3 years ago
lmach • 0

My lab was awarded a JGI CSP and were given many annotation files in addition to the sequence data however many of the annotation files don't have column titles to tell you what the actual data in each columns are. Is anyone familiar with JGI CSPs and the information they give you back specifically in the .phylodist and .ko files?

I've copied the top row of each file with slashes separating each column.

.phylodist - Ga0182068_10000011 / 2532562702 / 2531839187 / 82.93 / Bacteria;Proteobacteria;Gammaproteobacteria;Alteromonadales

.ko - Ga0182068_10000011 / Yes / KO:K03320 / 82.93 / 1 / 82 / 20 / 101 / 5.1e-43 / 159 / 82

I've gathered that for the .phlyodist file the Ga value is a gene #, and that the last column is the taxonomic assignment for that gene number, but I don't understand what the middle three values are.

For the .ko file I've only figured out the columns that are the Ga value (gene #) and the kegg number (KO value).

Thank you for your help!

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