RNAseq and ChIPseq integration
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5.6 years ago
Prakash ★ 2.2k

Hi all,

I have two replicates of RNAseq data for four different condition (one unstimulated and three different stimulation) with and without a transcription factor(TF) Knock down and ChIPseq data of this factor in all these four condition. I would like to study the effect of stimulation, knock-down and TF binding. what approach/analysis i should take to address my question. I know this is very broad question, any suggestion/guidance will be appreciated.

Note: I have already analyzed RNASeq data and ChIPseq data and have expression and binding information with me.

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A broad question deserves a broad answer. Venn diagrams and heatmaps. : D

Okay, that was a bit snarky. One thing you could consider to start with is the overlap between differentially regulated genes and genes with ChIP-seq peaks... And whether that overlap is more than you would expect by chance.


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