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6.4 years ago
eimear ▴ 30

Bioinformaticians needed for Genomics Medicine Ireland. GMI is a recently incorporated company leading a large-scale research programme on the human genome to examine the relationship between genetics, health and disease. Our mission is to become a global Center of Excellence for omics and use our scientific strength to understand diseases of genetic origin through analysis and interpretation of the human genome empowered with rich medical and lifestyle data.

We are currently building the next stage of our bioinformatics team (GBT). GBT will analyse the 'omics data produced at GMI, which currently includes disease cohorts such as IBD, Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, rare diseases and cancer. Our work will also focus on ancestry related topics, namely how population genetics can increase the power of disease analysis. GBT will interact with GMI's very strong IT infrastructure, clinical partnerships and research teams, which facilitate and provide an integrated framework for our bioinformatics analysis. We are building a team of cognitively diverse people, that will feed off each other to find GMI's analytical solutions, ranging from bioinformaticians; biologists or medical doctors with knowledge of bioinformatics tools; individuals with an IT background with an enthusiasm to apply their knowledge to 'omics.

Essential Qualifications and Knowledge

Some of the following:

  • PhD in Bioinformatics or Genomics
  • BSc/MSc/PhD in Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics
  • Knowledge of rare, neurological, auto-immune or oncological disease research
  • Knowledge of analysis of genetic causes of disease
  • Knowledge of statistical genetics
  • Knowledge of Bioinformatics 'omics and big data analysis.

Technical Expertise

Some of the following:

  • 'Omic packages such as PLINK, Admixture, Eigensoft, NGSQC, DNAnexus, Ingenuity, Pathway Analysis software, BWA, GATK, SAMtools, ANNOVAR, Peddy
  • R, Python, Perl, C++, JavaScript
  • Bioconductor, Biopython, NumPy, SciPy, pandas
  • Databases and libraries such as PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark
  • Cloud high-performance compute with AWS/GCP
  • Machine Learning such as MLlib, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow

Preferred Experience

  • Several Scientific publications on 'omics or statistical genetics
  • Producer and/or maintainer of 'omic software publicly available
  • Experience in large science-driven organizations or consortia
  • Experience in international consortia
  • Participation in genetics, statistics, 'omics or bioinformatics meetings

We offer Competitive salary and stock options. Several benefits such as health care.


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...and I confirm that Ireland is a great place to live! :)


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