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4.6 years ago
yuabrahamliu ▴ 60

Hi all, I have a question on USCS genome browser display. After I uploaded my custom track to the genome browser. Many times I need to zoom in the figure to see some details. It can always be done via Shift + drag-and-click manipulation. My question is how can I reset the browser to zoom in directly via drag-and-click, without Shift. At the moment, the direct drag-and-click manipulation can only move the view, not zoom in. Thanx!

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Have you tried to change the internet browser? In chrome should be working just by drag-and-click. Are you working logged into your account? have you tried to log-out? just to check if this is really a setting that you configured in your account?

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4.6 years ago
genecats.ucsc ▴ 580

If you reset your cart (Genome Browser->Reset all user settings in the top blue menu bar) and then go back to the Genome Browser, when you shift+click, a dialog box should come up explaining different zooming and highlighting keyboard shortcuts as well as some highlighting options. There is also a checkbox to never show the dialog box again and always zoom on shift+click.

If you want to leave the dialog box up so you can add multiple highlights and things, then leave the box unchecked and use ctrl (or cmd on a Mac)+click to zoom.

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