News:Call for abstracts (deadline October 14) and registration (early bird till October 31): Conference on Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine, Amsterdam, 27-30 Nov 2018
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Chromatin and epigenetic gene regulation (e.g. higher order chromatin folding, chromatin enhancer regulation, dynamics of chromatin, nuclear organization and epigenomics) and its impact on cancer development and treatment will be discussed from a multidisciplinary angle. This provides a platform to interact with scientists from different disciplines (computational biologists, experimentalists, biomedical and clinical researchers). We have an excellent line-up of invited speakers (see below). Abstracts for oral and poster presentations can still be submitted until October 14. Part of the conference is dedicated to workshops of special interest for PhD students and postdocs. We can provide a certificate of participation on request.

Confirmed speakers

  • Geneviève Almouzni, Institut Curie, FR (EMBO Keynote lecture)
  • Jonathan Chubb, University College London, MRC, GB
  • Martin Fussenegger, ETH Zürich, CH
  • Pamela Munster, University of California, San Francisco, US
  • Lucia Altucci, Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, IT
  • Pilar Blancafort, University of Western Australia, AU
  • Tiziana Bonaldi, European Institute of Oncology, SRSI, IT
  • Maria Carmo-Fonseca, Instituto de Medicina Molecular Lisbon, PT
  • Toni Cathomen, University Medical Center Freiburg, DE
  • Luciano Di Croce, Centre for Genomic Regulation, ES
  • Wouter de Laat, Hubrecht Institute, NL
  • Massimo Loda, Harvard Cancer Center, US
  • Luca Magnani, Imperial College London, GB
  • Christoph Plass, German Cancer Research Center, DE
  • Maria Rodriguez Martinez, IBM Research, CH
  • Paola Scaffidi, Francis Crick institute London, GB
  • Vahid Shahrezaei, Imperial College London, GB
  • Henk Stunnenberg, Radboud University Nijmegen, NL
  • Lodewyk Wessels, Netherlands Cancer Institute, NL

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts can now be submitted for a short talk or poster within one of the following session categories:

  • Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms: 'State-of-the-art epigenetics'
  • Epigenetics and clinical cancer: A systems medicine view
  • Epigenetics and clinical cancer: metabolic reprogramming
  • Epigenetics, cell heterogeneity and cancer stem cells
  • Innovative epigenetic interference tools and synthetic biology

Perry Moerland, Bioinformatics Laboratory, Academic Medical Center, The Netherlands

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