Job:DIRECTOR of COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, Cedilla Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA, USA
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3.4 years ago
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We are looking for a DIRECTOR of COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY We are looking for you!

About You and How You Will Have an Impact You are an innovative, collaborative and enthusiastic computational scientist and leader who is excited to work on a variety of high-dimensional bioinformatics projects centered on oncology target identification, drug discovery and translational research.

You are the person we will rely on to develop novel methods, analysis strategies and tools to filter, distill, and visualize multi-dimensional datasets to generate focused hypotheses to drive primary research. A critical component of your role is to be in close collaboration with Cedilla’s multi-disciplinary drug discovery teams and external collaborators.

We view you as a critical thought leader in the company and you will contribute in countless ways. A few of them are: • Design and evaluate integrative approaches to the analysis of functional genomic datasets (pooled CRISPR and shRNA screens) and large scale proteomic datasets, as well as other high-throughput data types • Develop innovative, robust, analysis pipelines for pooled, genome-wide CRISPR screen datasets and large scale proteomic datasets • Develop and contribute to external collaborations and partnerships

Some of the highlights of your background are: • A Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology, genetics or a related discipline and 5+ years’ experience of applied research in either an academic or industry setting • Experience with NGS, pooled genome-wide functional genomic screen datasets (CRISPR and shRNA), and large scale proteomic datasets • Proficient programming skills and computational analysis background. Experience with R, PERL or Python, SQL would be awesome • Ability to apply and develop tools for integrative analysis and visualization of multi-dimensional datasets, integrating biochemical, cellular and genomic data using appropriate statistical methods to drive drug discovery projects • Expertise in computational biology, genomics and other high-throughput data platforms with an aptitude to apply experimental methods to understand disease biology and drug discovery • Significant experience in the analysis of high-throughput DNA and RNA high-throughput sequencing data, including alignment, quality measurements, variant calling, fusion discovery and transcript quantification

You are not just an amazing computational biologist, you’re the whole package!

To be successful as a leader and contributor within Cedilla, you must be: • Driven. You will be focused on the achievement of Cedilla’s mission and major corporate goals. • Results-focused. Demonstrated record of exceeding stretch goals, and willing to bring creative problem-solving skills to challenges along the way. • Entrepreneurial. You will enjoy learning and being involved in the content of our whole business, thriving on a very fast-paced and growing business. • Intuitive. You will have a demonstrated ability to work in the “gray zone” and anticipate challenges before they arise. • A proven cross-functional leader. You will have demonstrated the ability to “influence without authority,” build teams, and achieve objectives across complex projects and organizational structures. • Process-oriented, yet flexible. You will appreciate and be able to create and drive process, and at the same time recognize when rules are meant to be bent. • Transparent and Articulate. You will have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all stakeholders. • Enterprise-focused and Business-savvy. You will always seek to put the goals of the company first, and help others understand the tradeoffs we need to make across the business. • Independent. You will be able to self-organize and operate effectively without significant day-to-day oversight, while staying tightly connected to key leaders and teams across the company. • A role model for the company’s values

About Us Cedilla is leveraging a growing understanding of the principles that dictate protein stability and applying those principles to target proteins that drive cancer and other diseases. Cedilla’s integrated product engine includes target-centric and unbiased approaches and is designed to produce small molecule therapeutics that degrade protein targets. Although degradation by small molecules has been observed serendipitously, degradation as a mechanism of action has not been pursued systematically in small molecule drug discovery. We were launched in April 2018 and are backed by Third Rock Ventures

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