News:Course "Data Crunching: from hell to heaven", Udine, Italy, 25-27 July, 2018
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6.1 years ago
Fabio Marroni ★ 3.0k

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Data Crunching: from hell to heaven

We are happy to accept registrations for this introductory course to NGS data analysis. If analyzing NGS data is hell for you, register, and we will bring you to heaven!

This practical course is addressed to researchers with a background in biology willing to perform basic analysis on next generation sequencing data. Each topic will consist of frontal introduction and practical work to enable participants to familiarize with the tools and the Unix environment. Hands-on work will be performed by simulating a real analysis on data generated by an Illumina platform. The declared aim of this course is to become self-sufficient in basic NGS data analysis. Teachers and tutors will assist each participant to reach the objectives of the course.

For information and registration, please visit our website, where you can find all the courses we are offering in 2018.

See you in Italy!

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Great course title! It'd be awesome if you alluded to the Divina Commedia in the course :P

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Great suggestion! I will try to make good use of it! However, I have to confess that in origin I named the three days "Welcome to the Jungle", "Patience" and "Paradise City", respectively.


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