Question: Simple visual output of Pairwise Sequence alignment
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chelseakarasawyer20 wrote:

I am writing a program in Python that uses BWA aligner to map reads to a reference plasmid genome which then outputs a consensus file and aligned against the reference genome using Clustal Omega. I would like to output an easy to visualise graphic of the alignment that is similar to the bottom alignment map in Benchling (figure 2 & 3 in the link attached as an example).

I have checked on Benchling's GitHub and their source code to see if they are using an existing open source program to create these visuals or they have created their own program to do so but can't seem to find where this graphic is coming from. I haven't had much experience working with creating graphics so if any one has a few ideas of how to go about creating a graphic that is similar to this I would appreciate some guidance. I have looked into using Tkinter and PIL but not quite sure how to go about using them as the sequences are between 8000-12000 bp's long and I am not sure that colouring each individual pixel depending on if it matches the reference is the best course of action as I think that would make the image quite lengthy.

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I think you forgot the link?

In addition, what is your reason for using Clustal Omega for the alignment as it produces a multiple sequence alignment - wouldnt, say, EMBOSS needle (or some dedicated genome aligner) make more sense?

Edit: question about usage of Clustal Omega

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Link is now visible.

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Since the plasmid genomes were so short I used Clustal Omega but EMBOSS sounds like it would be better. I will try that, thanks!

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Vimalkumar Velayudhan190 wrote:

I had implemented something similar in RiboPlot to mark the positions of start and stop codons in three reading frames. This was done using Matplotlib. Code is on github and the plot is generated in the plot_profile function.

enter image description here

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Thank you, I'll definitely take a look at your program!

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chelseakarasawyer20 wrote:

I have come up with a simple solution using PIL. This uses the aligned sequences in one FastA file.

from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
from Bio import SeqIO
from operator import itemgetter
from itertools import groupby

def diff(a, b):
    index_list = []
    for index, (char1, char2) in enumerate(zip(a, b)):
        if char1 != char2:
    return index_list

fasta_sequences = SeqIO.parse(open("aligned_seqs.fasta"),'fasta')

seq1 = ''
seq2 = ''
count = 0
for fasta in fasta_sequences:
    name, sequence =, str(fasta.seq)
    if count == 0:
        seq1 = sequence
    elif count == 1:
        seq2 = sequence
    count +=1

d = diff(seq1, seq2)

ranges = []
for k,g in groupby(enumerate(d),lambda x:x[0]-x[1]):
    group = (map(itemgetter(1),g))
    group = list(map(int,group))

if len(seq1) >= len(seq2):
    image_len = len(seq1)
    image_len = len(seq2)
# size of image
canvas = (image_len, 600)

# scale ration
scale = 6
thumb = canvas[0]/scale, canvas[1]/5

# init canvas
im ='RGBA', canvas, (255, 255, 255, 255))
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(im)

draw.rectangle([0, 0, (len(seq1)), 150], fill="gray")
draw.rectangle([0, 250, (len(seq2)), 400], fill="gray")

# draw rectangles that don't match the reference sequence
for start, end in ranges:
    draw.rectangle([start, 250, end, 400], fill="red")

# make thumbnail

# save image'./seq_align_PIL.png')
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Could you post an image, would be interesting to see how it looks like.

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chelseakarasawyer : How to add images to a Biostars post

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Aligned Sequence Image

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gb520 wrote:

When I read plasmid and visualization I think off circos.

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