Job:Post-doctoral fellowship in microRNA systems biology, Grenoble, France
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5.6 years ago

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with strong experience in data analysis to run a project aiming at understanding the cooperative modes of action of microRNAs in eukaryotes, and humans in particular.

The work will be done in the Cancer and Infection Laboratory (BCI) located in CEA Grenoble, France. The lab is composed in majority of biologists, with 2 to 4 people working in bioinformatics. Validation experiments could be designed in the lab in collaboration with our biologist colleagues.

The successful candidate would investigate one or more of these tasks to further characterize miR modes of actions:

  1. Pathways regulated by individual microRNAs
  2. MicroRNAs regulating an individual protein coding gene
  3. Pathways regulated by many microRNAs
  4. Propose and validate a “miRNA ontology” methodology
  5. Implementation of the miR ontology procedure (R package and/or web application)

Sharing capacities of the candidate will be encouraged, including release of open-source software and/or organization of data challenges.


  • A PhD in bioinformatics or microRNA biology with experience in programming and/or data analysis
  • Experience in data analysis of omics
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Experience in one or more of the following fields would be a plus
    • data mining,
    • network based approaches,
    • R programming,
    • microRNAs

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must hold a PhD degree (or be about to have one) or have a University degree equivalent to a European PhD (8-year duration).

Application DEADLINE Extension

Applicants will have to send as soon as possible (ideally before 23rd of August, no later than 27th of August): their CV - a list of publications and of references. After preselection, the last diploma will be required and a two page research project will be written with the hosting team.

Gross Salary: minimum of 2379 euros per month, or more depending on experience (employed at University Grenoble Alpes)


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5.5 years ago

The deadline has been extended

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5.5 years ago
nasbelyakova ▴ 50

Hello! this is a fantastic opportunity. Are you still accepting applications?

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Only from outstanding candidates now! Here is a pre-selection - I already have one preselected candidate. Feel free to send a CV today for a quick answer.

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5.5 years ago

The position is over - 27th of August was already the extended deadline.

However, if you have a very good CV, compatible with Marie-Curie funding (see, feel free to contact me!


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