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5.9 years ago
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single-cell RNABIO & organoids (#scRNABIO) is the first event in Kyiv aimed to bring these technologies to Ukraine by inviting excellent speakers who develop technologies, use them to make discoveries, and transfer cutting-edge knowledge from bench to clinics.

The meeting will consist of two major parts:

September 28, 2018 - Talks day.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Alex Shcheglovitov, The University of Utah, USA Using iPSC-derived cortical organoics for modeling early aspects of human cortical development
  • William Stephenson, New York Genome Center, USA Single-cell multi-omics using open microfluidics instrumentation
  • Mireya Plass, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology | Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, Germany Cell type atlas and lineage tree of a whole complex animal by single-cell transcriptomics
  • Luciano Martelotto, The University of Melbourne, Australia Bringing single nuclei sequencing technologies to difficult samples: experience on FFPE and frozen archived material
  • Hans Binder, University of Leipzig, Germany Cancer heterogeneity and development as seen by single cell bioinformatics
  • Felipe Vilella, Igenomix Foundation, INCLIVA Health Research Institute, Spain Single cell RNAseq provides a molecular and cellular cartography of changes to the human endometrium through the menstrual cycle

September 29-30, 2018 - Workshop on miniDrops.

The workshop will be devoted to building open-source, low-cost microfluidics device for single-cell biology. It will be taught by its creator - Dr. William Stephenson from the New York Genome Center, USA. We will build the device for library prep for single-cell RNA sequencing using 3D printing of custom parts, getting together Raspberry Pi controller, and other parts into working device - miniDrops.

The participation is for free for both the talks day and the workshop, but the number of places is limited. Please register by the link before Sep 1:

#scRNABIO poster

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5.9 years ago
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Dear friends,

we are happy to announce that more speakers joined us.

We will have two additional talks from the partners:

  • Kseniia Khazhylenko, Head of the Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center, ISIDA Clinic, Ukraine. Endometrial receptivity from the clinical point of view

  • Markian Bilynskyj, Vice President at US-Ukraine Foundation, Ukraine. Biotech initiative by USUF in Ukraine: current goals and future perspectives

And we have two more amazing speakers:

  • Valentine Svensson, California Institute of Technology, USA. Mapping scRNA-seq data to cell type taxonomies using cell atlases

  • Mirela Alistar, University of Colorado Boulder, USA. Personal biochips

The registration is free and open -


scRNABIO team.

scRNABIO poster

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5.9 years ago
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More news from #scRNABIO. New speaker - Mirela Alistar. New talk - Personal biochips. New workshop - Hands-on DIY microfluidics.

Mirela is an Assist. Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA. Until 2018, she was a postdoc at Prof. Baudisch’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Germany. In 2014, Mirela received her PhD in computer engineering from the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU, where she worked on system-level design of embedded systems with a special focus on digital microfluidic biochips. In her research, Mirela investigates the extent to which can we change healthcare to make it a personal process. So far, Mirela has built systems based on biochips to serve as personal laboratories: small portable devices that people can own and use to develop customized bio-protocols ("bio-apps").

In order to engage society in critical discourse on technology, Mirela has led and founded community wetlabs in Copenhagen and Berlin, where she organizes monthly workshops to promote personal biochips to enthusiasts of diverse backgrounds (e.g., engineering, art, design). You can learn more about Mirela’s work at her personal website:

On Sep 28, she will give a talk on personal biochips.

On Sep 30, in Fabricator / FabLab ( she will teach a workshop dedicated to hands-on DIY microfluidics. She will present OpenDrop device aimed to serve as a personal lab -

You are welcome to register both for the meeting and workshop on our website:


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