Tool:Interactive global map of human genome assemblies that use long read sequencing (PacBio) data.
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4.1 years ago
tjduncan ▴ 270

Hey All,

I wanted to share a resource/tool that was put together regarding human genome reference assemblies. This interactive map showcases global initiatives underway to generate reference quality human genome assemblies for diverse populations using long read (PacBio) data. This is interesting because of the 65 most recent human assemblies accessioned in NCBI, 54% use PacBio data. If you look at just those most contiguous assemblies with contig N50 > 1 Mb, 94% of the assemblies use PacBio data. It is pretty clear you need long reads to make high quality assemblies.

Here is a link to the interactive map

Here is a link to a table/spreadsheet of the assembly statistics referenced in the map

This is useful because it includes links to the publications, NCBI assembly accession numbers, and in many cases locations of the raw data you could use/manipulate as you see fit.

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