Job:Job: Consulting gig for metabolomics company
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5.8 years ago
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Looking to hire a consultant for short-term project-based work with the option for a more long-term gig.

Olaris Therapeutics is a startup in Cambridge, MA, USA that uses NMR profiling to identify metabolite signatures that differentiate patient drug responders and non-responders. See:

We've built a series of tools in R to analyze the NMR spectra, perform basic statistical analysis and machine learning. The code is bit clunky and we're seeking consultants to work with us to help with debugging and to streamline the analysis.

We want to talk to you if:

  • You like to dive into data
  • You love R
  • You have used statistical and machine learning techniques to find new insights into complex biological problems
  • You are passionate about having a profound impact on an early stage company


  • Degree in CS, Machine Learning, Statistics or related field
  • 2-5 years related experience
  • Deep understanding of statistics, and numeric methods to calculate them through large data sets
  • Experience with R, Matlab, Python, or another ML and...
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