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3.3 years ago

I have used the MG-Rast tools python code to download summary tables of sequence hits that fall into different Subsystems ontology categories. For instance, the following code summarizes 5 samples, compiles and downloads a table that is easily then read into other software: --ids "mgm4812503.3,mgm4812531.3,mgm4812526.3,mgm4812553.3,mgm4812451.3" --level level3 --source Subsystems --format text --evalue 10 > ~/Desktop/PhD/Metagenome/Download/mgRast_ontologyLVL3_list01.txt

I've removed my authentication token so this isn't exactly reproducible, but it makes a tab delimited text file that looks something like this:

mgm4812451.3 mgm4812503.3 mgm4812526.3 mgm4812531.3 mgm4812553.3

COG2363 25684 20011 29927 25736 15503

Carboxysome 6459 5200 7519 6074 4606

Respiratory_dehydrogenases_1 21806 19178 28776 21040 15472

Iron_acquisition_in_Vibrio 14557 14243 15804 12768 8607

Transport_of_Iron 7202 7436 8432 6641 5235

I'm trying to get a similar set of summary annotation tables for organisms from mg-Rast, but I can't find an analogous tool to the tool but for organisms. I have ~320 samples that I'd like to quickly compile into a table of summary hits by organism ID at roughly the genus level. How should I do this?

Thanks, Dietrich

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