GWAS or QTL mapping for arabidopsis quantitative traits?
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3.6 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm studying for my genetics exam and have a question regarding the use of either GWAS or QTL mapping to determine which genes contribute to a polygenic trait.

The question essentially is: how can we use a model organism to identify genes that may help life adapt to climate change?

My thoughts so far: the model organism that immediately comes to my head is Arabidopsis as it has large geographic distribution and will have genetic variation which will allow it to cope with hotter Ts, dryer conditions etc... I feel as though the best way of tackling this question would be QTL mapping using MAGIC lines (Multiparent Advanced Generation Inter-Cross) as this would maximise the amount of genetic variation which can be picked up, however i'm also thinking a GWAS study would work equally well?

any help will be much appreciated Thanks

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