How to solve ufasta error while running MaSuRCA
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3.0 years ago

I am running MaSuRCA 3.2.3 for genome assembly but getting some error as follows.

[Sat Nov 3 15:05:16 IST 2018] Processing pe library reads [Sat Nov 3 15:05:17 IST 2018] Average PE read length 150 [Sat Nov 3 15:05:18 IST 2018] Using kmer size of 105 for the graph MIN_Q_CHAR: 33 Estimated genome size: 340625642 [Sat Nov 3 15:05:18 IST 2018] Computing super reads from PE [Sat Nov 3 15:05:18 IST 2018] Super reads failed, check super1.err and files in ./work1/

Super reads failed, check super1.err and files in ./work1/ following the instruction i checked super1.err file

super1.err file contains :- super1.err my commands are as follows :-

masurca config -o -l /usr/lib64:/usr/lib


and the config file and assemble file is attached here.

Can you please help me out from this issue as soon as possible. thanks with regards

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Have you tried recompiling (rerunning Looks like ufasta is looking for GLIBC libraries that aren't there


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