Question: UK biobank HLA imputation data
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aleph999910 wrote:

I'm interested in HLA imputation results from UK biobank (which was created by HLA*IMP 2 algorithm) and I have registered to have the access of HLA imputation values (field 22182 ). However, these values are not annotated and I am unable to interpret results despite a bunch of values just like example data ( ).

Have anyone analyzed HLA imputation values from UK biobank before? How do you interpret the results (and if possible, how to compare HLA allele frequency in interested phenotype, is chi-square with FDR adjustment enough). Any suggestion is appreciated.

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The link doesn't work to the data file.

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matemanc10 wrote:

I have the same issue.

Field 22181 contains Q2 values of HLA:IMP*02 output. 362 values for each individual (separated by commas) is available and each value represents the probability of a given allele. However, there is no information in the downloaded data, which of the 362 values refer to which allele.

I have already written to UK Biobank, the programmer of HLA:IMP*02 and the authors, who contributed to HLA genotyping, but have received no answer yet. Have you had any handy solution in the previous two months?

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mbrauer0 wrote:

Not sure where he got this, but a colleague sent it along:

A_101    A_102    A_103    A_201    A_202    A_203    A_205    A_206    A_207    A_210    A_211    A_214    A_216    A_220    A_264    A_301    A_302    A_1101    A_1102    A_1103    A_2301    A_2402    A_2403    A_2404    A_2407    A_2410    A_2501    A_2601    A_2603    A_2608    A_2901A_2902    A_3001    A_3002    A_3004    A_3101    A_3103    A_3104    A_3201    A_3301    A_3303    A_3401    A_3402    A_3601    A_4027    A_4386    A_6601    A_6602    A_6801    A_6802    A_6817    A_6901    A_7401    A_7403    A_8001    B_702    B_705    B_801    B_1301    B_1302    B_1401    B_1402B_1501    B_1502    B_1503    B_1504    B_1505    B_1506    B_1507    B_1508    B_1509    B_1510    B_1511    B_1512    B_1513    B_1515    B_1516    B_1517    B_1518    B_1520    B_1521    B_1524    B_1525    B_1526    B_1527    B_1529    B_1530    B_1531    B_1537    B_1801    B_1802    B_1803    B_1804B_2702    B_2703    B_2704    B_2705    B_2706    B_2707    B_3501    B_3502    B_3503    B_3504    B_3505    B_3508    B_3509    B_3510    B_3512    B_3517    B_3519    B_3520    B_3521    B_3522    B_3541    B_3543    B_3701    B_3801    B_3802    B_3901    B_3902    B_3903    B_3905    B_3906    B_3908B_3909    B_3910    B_3911    B_3915    B_3924    B_4001    B_4002    B_4004    B_4006    B_4009    B_4010    B_4012    B_4101    B_4102    B_4104    B_4201    B_4402    B_4403    B_4404    B_4405    B_4407    B_4501    B_4601    B_4701    B_4801    B_4802    B_4803    B_4901    B_5001    B_5002    B_5101B_5102    B_5105    B_5106    B_5107    B_5108    B_5123    B_5201    B_5301    B_5401    B_5501    B_5502    B_5601    B_5603    B_5604    B_5701    B_5702    B_5703    B_5801    B_5802    B_5901    B_6701    B_7020    B_7301    B_7801    B_8101    B_8201    B_8202    C_102    C_202    C_210    C_302    C_303    C_304    C_305    C_306    C_401    C_403    C_407    C_501    C_602    C_701    C_702    C_704    C_726    C_801    C_802    C_804    C_1202    C_1203    C_1402    C_1403    C_1502    C_1504    C_1505    C_1601    C_1602    C_1604    C_1701    C_1801    DRB5_101    DRB5_102    DRB5_202    DRB5_9901    DRB4_101    DRB4_103    DRB4_9901    DRB3_101    DRB3_202    DRB3_210    DRB3_224    DRB3_301    DRB3_9901    DRB1_101    DRB1_102    DRB1_103    DRB1_301    DRB1_302    DRB1_401    DRB1_402    DRB1_403    DRB1_404    DRB1_405    DRB1_406    DRB1_407    DRB1_408    DRB1_410    DRB1_411    DRB1_701    DRB1_801    DRB1_802    DRB1_803    DRB1_804    DRB1_806    DRB1_807    DRB1_810    DRB1_811    DRB1_901    DRB1_1001    DRB1_1101    DRB1_1102    DRB1_1103    DRB1_1104    DRB1_1106    DRB1_1111    DRB1_1143    DRB1_1201    DRB1_1202    DRB1_1301    DRB1_1302    DRB1_1303    DRB1_1304    DRB1_1305    DRB1_1312    DRB1_1315    DRB1_1321    DRB1_1401    DRB1_1402    DRB1_1403    DRB1_1404    DRB1_1405    DRB1_1406    DRB1_1407    DRB1_1409    DRB1_1410    DRB1_1415    DRB1_1444    DRB1_1501    DRB1_1502    DRB1_1503    DRB1_1601    DRB1_1602    DQB1_201    DQB1_202    DQB1_301    DQB1_302    DQB1_303    DQB1_304    DQB1_401    DQB1_402    DQB1_501    DQB1_502    DQB1_503    DQB1_504    DQB1_601    DQB1_602    DQB1_603    DQB1_604    DQB1_605    DQB1_609    DQA1_101    DQA1_102    DQA1_103    DQA1_104    DQA1_201    DQA1_301    DQA1_302    DQA1_303    DQA1_401    DQA1_501    DQA1_503    DQA1_505    DQA1_509    DQA1_601    DPB1_101    DPB1_201    DPB1_202    DPB1_301    DPB1_401    DPB1_402    DPB1_501    DPB1_502    DPB1_601    DPB1_901    DPB1_902    DPB1_1001    DPB1_1101    DPB1_1301    DPB1_1401    DPB1_1501    DPB1_1601    DPB1_1701    DPB1_1801    DPB1_1901    DPB1_2001    DPB1_2101    DPB1_2201    DPB1_2301    DPB1_2601    DPB1_2801    DPB1_3001    DPB1_3101    DPB1_3301    DPB1_3401    DPB1_3501    DPB1_4001    DPB1_4501    DPB1_4801    DPB1_8101    DPB1_8501    DPA1_103    DPA1_104    DPA1_105    DPA1_107    DPA1_201    DPA1_202    DPA1_301    DPA1_401
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Can you provide context about what this is and how it relates to the original question?

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ochaz0 wrote:

Headers can now be found here: or

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