p53 cancer patient RNA seq and protein sequence data
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4.5 years ago
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I am undergrad student new to bioinformatics and doing a self project trying to run some analysis comparing the data from cancer patients to that of the naked mole rat because of it's anti cancer properties. I was trying to look at the p53 protein specifically because of its role in cell regulation. I have been able to get the data for normal unaffected humans and for the naked mole rat, but do not know where to get the RNA sequence or protein sequence for cancer patients affected by p53. I am attempting to navigate the cBioPortal website but cannot seem to figure out how to download the pure sequenced data.

Sorry for any mistakes, I am still new but willing to learn everything!

Thank you!

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To access TCGA data visit the GDC portal or access processed data using the Firebrowse API.TP53 protein information can be found at UniProt.


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