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3.0 years ago
Juke34 ★ 6.4k

I have attended a codeRefinery workshop and I really enjoyed it. I really recommend.

The theme in short: The main part focuses on git and is adapted for beginner as well as middle level git users (git expert you can pass your way). Then they introduce to Reproducible research with Workflow management tools (with SnakeMake), and Containers. We continued with Code documentation lesson (Read the Docs, sphinx, good practices) and ended up with a Jupyter Notebooks lesson.

CodeRefinery is a Nordic project but as they say here, they are interested in giving workshops also outside the Nordics and are able to do so provided that funding for travel and accommodation can be covered.

Who the course is for If you are writing code that is used in research, then this course is for you. If you develop research code and you know all the tools already, join us as a helper! It's fun, and you always learn something new about a subject by teaching it.

What we will not teach This is not a course about a specific programming language or the Linux/Unix terminal shell. We assume that you are familiar with the programming language that you use in your work and research. We try to keep the course as language-independent as possible but we will show some basic code examples in Python.

Prerequisites You should be able to navigate the file tree in a terminal session and edit text files in the terminal. Basics in at least one programming language. You will need to bring a laptop. It is good if you have access to Eduroam. You need to install some software. Please follow links in the schedule.

If you are interested but cannot attend, here is a link of one workshop. They provide awesome resources with lectures and exercises easy to follow even standalone.

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