How to calculate significance, my tumors are enriched in the middle versus upper or lower part of colon, would like to assess significance and present it on violin plot
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2.6 years ago

So I have 3 conditions WT HET and KO. For each i extracted tumors from the colon. Colon are directional (intestine, mid, anus) aka proximal mid and distal colon. So my WT has tumors in all 3 sections, both HET and KO loose the proximal tumors and my KO is enriched in the mid section while losing some of the distal tumors.

I am new to bioinformatics and R, but the data is clearly not normally distributed. I created a violin plot but box plots seem to only focus on the median hence i want a way to compute significance/enrichement for each section of the colon.

I could always split the data into 3 parts then do a t.test but i dont know if there is a better way to do it. Preferably represent it on a violin plot.

Thanks you

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It is completely unclear what kind of data you have, what the experimental conditions are and what the underlying background of the experiment is. Please read and apply How To Ask Good Questions On Technical And Scientific Forums


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