Job:Tackle age-related disease, as genomics lead at Gordian Biotechnology
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3.8 years ago

The Destination:

Gordian is a San Francisco company creating the first high-throughput in vivo screening platform, to extend the reach of gene therapy to complex diseases of aging.

Age-related diseases have complex etiologies that depend on interactions with the aged environment, and traditional screening methods have failed to produce effective treatments. By screening for efficacy within the most relevant animal models, our platform will identify effective therapeutics before the biology of each disease has been thoroughly mapped.

Moreover, our screening is designed to generate vast datasets with every run, even while we directly identify candidates. This integrates with our data analysis pipeline to map out the underlying biology causing disease, and even the fundamental processes of aging itself.

The Journey:

Our mission is audacious, and the path will be full of both challenges and excitement. Two things will characterize the Gordian experience: 1) We work as a team, with ownership in our own roles and trust in each other. 2) We strive for extraordinary, and in doing so grow our skills and capability.

Team – Relying on each other begins with transparency. We set clear goals, visibly connecting individuals and teams to our company objectives. With this alignment, we are each empowered to make autonomous decisions about our work, knowing how they will affect the bigger picture. Transparency extends to our communication, allowing us to focus on the collective good. We give and take feedback as comrades, without ego, to help us all grow. We share mistakes and ask for help, to avoid compromising each other.

Extraordinary – We habitually try to do more than we thought possible, faster than we thought possible. Our mission motivates us to exceed ourselves, regardless of what it takes to get there. Every day, we ask ourselves ‘could this be done better?’. Our colleagues are amazing, both at what they do and as people. They are so impressive that we push ourselves to keep up, to not let them down, and be inspiring in return.

If this environment sounds appealing, help us bring it to life. We are at the beginning of a long journey, and want both your ability and your personality along for the ride. Our culture is a source of great pride; it represents both who we are, and who we wish to be.

You can dive deeper here.

And you:

You have a history of successful execution, both in- and outside of your job description. You want a chance to do your best work, immerse yourself and be creative, with people you’ll want to spend most of your time with.

You truly want to play a big role in an early-stage startup: A fast-paced environment full of both uncertainty and new challenges, demanding relentless resourcefulness.

You have experience managing time-sensitive projects, in collaboration with other specialists. You have deep expertise, and broad curiosity. You are excited to use and develop bleeding edge technology, to advance biology and human health.

As our bioinformatics lead, your early objectives include finding and analyzing public data to describe disease states transcriptionally, and guiding in-house experiments with human and animal tissue to bolster this data. Your analyses will involve identification of coexpression networks and statistical metrics. You will collaborate with experimental biologists to ensure that sequencing experiments produce data of sufficient quality and quantity for these analyses. By six months, you will have transcriptional signatures of three diseases to a level of confidence that enables further experiments.

Longer term, you will mainly be analyzing transcriptomic data collected in large-scale perturbation experiments to map out the biological consequences of each intervention. This data will be used to refine the inclusion and combination of interventions in later libraries, and improve our disease signatures. You will also develop signatures for additional diseases, and further develop cross-species comparisons.

You should be very comfortable analyzing genomic data, including creative design of analysis pipelines to map out complex datasets. Having a solid grasp of the underlying cellular biology, and experience with single-cell data, are strong advantages. Experience with machine learning, hands-on experience with sequencing experiments, and/or with intervention libraries is a plus.

The Details:

Gordian aims provides everything you need to thrive. Beyond our community and work challenges, you’ll have equity to feel like a true stakeholder in the company, salary and benefits to remove living concerns, whatever vacation you need to be at your peak, and the professional development and support you need to grow.

If you're ready to be challenged, contact

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