Using and Understanding PAML for positive selection
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2.7 years ago
lokdeep17 • 0

I am trying to use PAML for the first time, and I am like Alice falling in Rabbit's hole. I tried to understand it using some online tutorials, but I am not sure if I understood it correctly. I want to check for positive selection for a gene in different species. Can someone please give me a step-wise guide with an easy explanation to use it. Furthermore, I also want to know how to interpret the results. Thank You very much!

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I think you have to start from this post.

Help For Paml About The Positive Selection

and study PAML-manual.

(the following post)

A: dN/dS ratio (omega)

Did you search the Biostars-site? There are a lot

of posts about this problem.

To search it, go to the left-hand upper corner of the main page,

press LATEST and type your question in the empty string of the

next page. After that look at the right panel - there will be

a lot of related posts in addition to your findings in the middle of the page.


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