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2.2 years ago
ppawar • 0

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone who knows if the SIFT, Polyphen-2 and SNAP-2 can be used to analyze the SNPs from bacterial genome? How to decide which SNPs are damaging if we get a bit different results from SIFT, Polyphen and SNAP? Should I consider the overlapping set between these three?

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I cannot comment on the suitability of using these tools for bacterial variants but I imagine that there are pitfalls of doing this. Regarding your other question, would should definitely aim for a consensus among 3 or 5 (or more) of these in silico predictors. It is well understood that these tools produce conflicting results. However, from my experience, if a variant is definitively 'damaging' and that this is experimentally proven, most tools will predict as such. Thus, the value is in the consensus among these tools.

I list more of these here: A: How to choose good tools for identifying functional SNPs?


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