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mareq0 wrote:

I have a CWL workflow with lots of outputs. All of those are just written flat to the output directory. Therefore, I would like to organise outputs into subdirectories. Is anything like that possible with CWL?

Note: The two toy workflows I am playing with atm are here: However, these are just toy examples, I play with. This is supposed to be a generic question, so that I can eventually apply the answer to the real workflow.

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Bielefeld University, CeBiTec, Germany
Tom500 wrote:

I don't think what you ask for is possible. I tackle the issue at tool-level. Every tool that might provide a workflows final output returns a directory which name is somehow derived from the tools input. Your other option would be appending a tool to the workflow which handles creating the folder structure you want.

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I realized i have use for the latter option as well. I wrote an ExpressionTool which can be stitched to the end of a workflow. It can be used to group files/directories at the end of a workflow using scatter. [Warning: I have not yet tested what happens if an empty array is passed to this tool as input for either or both of the arrays.]

Code redacted because it was a horrible mess. Please use the tool posted below.
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I improved this. Circumstance forced my hand. It turns out passing arrays with less then two entries breaks CWL. I have not found a really elegant solution and i'm inclined to think cwl simply won't allow one. So now there are additional optional inputs for single files / directories. The newname input has also become optional because it didn't play well with scatter. If you don't provide a newname, one will be chosen based on the names of the other stuff you fed into the tool.

#!/usr/bin/env cwl-runner

cwlVersion: v1.0
class: ExpressionTool
label: Returns a directory named after inputs.newname, containing all input files and directories.

  InlineJavascriptRequirement: {}

    type: File?
    label: A single file which will be placed in the output directory.
    type: File[]?
    label: An array of files which will be placed in the output directory.
    type: Directory?
    label: A single directory which will be placed in the output directory as a subdirectory.
    type: Directory[]?
    label: An array of directories which will be placed in the output directory as subdirectories.
    type: string?
    label: Name of the output-directory. If no input is provided, tool will try use the nameroot of file_single, directory_single, file_array[0], directory_array[0] (in this order).

    type: Directory
    label: Directory where all input files and subdirectories will be pooled. Named after inputs.newname.

expression: |
    //Check if an input for newname was provided. If yes, use this as new directory name.
    var newName = "";
    var needName = true;
    if ( inputs.newname != undefined ) {
      newName = inputs.newname;
      needName = false;
    //Check which input files / directories are present. Add them to the new directory.
    //If no input for newname was provided, use the name of one of the files or directories.
    var outputList = [];
    if ( inputs.file_single != undefined ) {
      outputList.push( inputs.file_single );
      if ( needName ) {
        newName = inputs.file_single.nameroot;
        needName = false;
    if ( inputs.directory_single != undefined ) {
      outputList.push( inputs.directory_single );
      if ( needName ) {
        newName = inputs.directory_single.basename;
        needName = false;
    if ( inputs.file_array != undefined ) {
      for ( var count = 0; count < inputs.file_array.length; count++ ) {
        var nextfile = inputs.file_array[count];
        outputList.push( nextfile );
      if ( needName ) {
        newName = inputs.file_array[0].nameroot;
        needName = false;
    if ( inputs.directory_array != undefined ) {
      for ( var count = 0; count < inputs.directory_array.length; count++ ) {
        var nextdir = inputs.directory_array[count];
        outputList.push( nextdir );
      if ( needName ) {
        newName = inputs.directory_array[0].basename;
        needName = false;
    return {
      "pool_directory": {
        "class": "Directory",
        "basename": newName,
        "listing": outputList
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