Blog:What is computational (in-silico) biology?
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3.8 years ago

Terminology of in-silico biology

In-silico Biology is a compound name that is apparently composed of two words, In-silico and Biology! In-silico is a term that means “done on a computer”. In-silico biology is mostly used for referring to the computational modeling of biological systems, however, in its simplest and most general form means all biological investigations and analyses that are done via computers. Also, it is called computational biology and could be divided into different sub-branches, namely Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. However, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology are often used interchangeably.

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Thanks for this excellent introduction. Especially with respect to systems biology, I would like to point out Uri Alon's works, see a video playlist of one of his lectures and his book "An Introduction to Systems Biology - Design Principles of Biological Circuits" (doi 10.1201/9780429283321).


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