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4.2 years ago

Hi, I am new to plink and bioinformatics, and I am trying to run a fisher analysis on a subset of lines from DGRP data. I have a bim and fam file for the subset but every time i try to run analysis it says I lack a .bed file. Does anyone know how to go from a bim or fam file to a bed. Thank you, Matt V

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It seems like you're asking about two things; In your question title you say .ped files but in the question itself you mention the .bed files.

Bed files are genomic ranges (chromosome, start coordinate, stop coordinate):

Ped files are for pedigree information:

See this possibly relevant thread, I think this may answer your question: How To Convert The Bed File To Ped File

Also I think you should've created this as a "question", not a "forum".


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