free(): invalid next size (normal) Aborted (core dumped)
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4.8 years ago

I am using gffread software, for obtaining fasta sequence from gtf file,

gffread -w transcripts.fa -g /path/to/reference_genome/genome.fa 'input/transcript.gtf

but I am facing an error

'free(): invalid next size (normal)'
'Aborted (core dumped)'

Although the output file 'transcripts.fa' is being created, the output file 'transcripts.fa' seems incomplete. I think the problem is with regarding memory allocation, but since I do not have the script of the gffread software and also I can't find multi-threading option in gffread software, therefore I can't fix it.

What can be the solution to fix this problem

Any help in this regard is deeply appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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