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2.2 years ago
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Hello all,

I have a problem in incorporating the output of sva into limma analysis. Specifically it is my newness to matrix design thats causing the problem.

I'd like to do a simple DE analysis between two states: DIS and TE. The surrogate variables (4 of them found by sva can be seen here in my modSv file:

> modSv
   (Intercept) DIS TE                                        
1            1    0  0  0.170511776 -0.026039142  0.1551621788
2            1    0  0 -0.031146292  0.231081859 -0.1192856157
3            1    0  0  0.304738317 -0.114059097  0.0561335693

1  -0.052378086
2   0.020441932
3  -0.008361104

Now the sva manual gives an example of how to incorporate modSv into the process of making a contrast matrix, but I am not sure if their example:

 > contrast.matrix <- cbind("C1"=c(-1,1,0,rep(0,svobj$,"C2"=c(0,-1,1,rep(0,svobj$
 > fitContrasts =,contrast.matrix)

Is designing the same sort of matrix I would need. In this matrix of theirs the surrogate variables are not being used in the contrast, as they are just used to adjust the analysis, the "rep(0,svobj$" is basically just saying "place the same number of 0s as their are surrogate variables as recorded in the file svobj.

My question is this: What would be the appropriate way of designing a matrix for my comparison of DIS to TE ignoring surrogate variables? Would it actually be very similar to their example?

I'd appreciate any help you can offer!

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Can you show all of your code, please? If you do not even want to use the output of SVA, then just ignore modSv altogether - why did you choose to use SVA in the first place? Is there an assumed batch effect?

Take a look at Gordon's related answer on Bioconductor:


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