bionano's raw data of images, safe to delete?
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3.3 years ago
lait ▴ 160

Hi everyone,

this question is for those who have worked with bionanogenomics data. Do you think the raw data, which is basically images of points, which are used to produce the molecules, is of any use? each run generates around 1 TB of raw data, and I would like to know if this data would be of any use or could it be safely deleted in case the produced molecules are in very good quality and map rate?

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not really an expert myself but after a quick ask-around, it turns out people rarely go back to the raw data for this, especially if you're happy and confident with the end-result.

A use-case could be that you can use these raw data (or at least parts of it) to check if the consensus map you obtain is making sense (questionable regions can be investigated in detail I understood)


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