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4.9 years ago

Dear Biostars Community,

Thank you! It's been little over a year that I joined the Biostars forum. In short- the journey has been amazing. In this short period of time, with Zero knowledge on RNA-Seq analysis, I began my first step towards taking the challenge to acquire the skills on the NGS technology specifically RNA-Seq analysis through various pipelines. The support and the suggestions given by the forum members has immensely helped me gain more insights into why we use specific tools and its advantages. I want to thank Biostars forum, Galaxy platform for their exceptional facility, user: genomax, Ishepard, Cookie-san, Istvan Albert, JC, Baby Bioinformatician for their help. Today, I was able to successfully defend my thesis for the award of Master's degree in Biotechnology program. My work focused primarily on identifying differential gene expression, alternative splicing and differential exon usage for which I used tools like STAR, HISAT2, kallisto, DESeq2, featureCount, SeqMonk, DEXSeq and many more. I have traveled to various places within India to present my work as oral talk & poster presentation at the international conferences, received training on RNA-Seq analysis from EMBL-Wellcome Genome Campus, UK, 2019. Lately, I have received the GCC2019 Travel Grant Fellowship which gives me the opportunity to present my research work in Freiburg, Germany (July 1-8) and collaborate with other like-minded researchers.

All in all, I would like to thank everyone here and actively contribute to the growth of the Biostars forum and help new users find solutions to their problems and give them sensible directions. Furthermore, I want to continue learning and explore other areas like Single Cell RNA-Seq analysis, ChIP-Seq, miRNA-Seq analysis and hopefully secure a Ph.D. position this year to continue doing research. Cheers!!

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Good luck.

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Thank you geek_y ....


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