Question: filtering SNPs by samples?
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jingjin220330 wrote:

Hi all,

I have a bcf file containing SNPs called across 12 different samples. I am specifically interested in the SNPs that occurred in the first 6 samples but are absent in the second 6 samples.

I was wondering if there is any tool that would allow me to do this?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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guillaume.rbt560 wrote:

You can use SnpSift to filter a vcf ( ).

For your problem it would look something like :

cat snps.vcf | java -Xmx20000m -jar SnpSift.jar filter "GEN[0].GT = 1 & GEN[1].GT = 1 & GEN[2].GT = 1 & GEN[3].GT = 1 & GEN[4].GT = 1 & GEN[5].GT = 1 & GEN[6].GT = 1 & GEN[7].GT = 0 & GEN[8].GT = 0 & GEN[9].GT = 0 & GEN[10].GT = 0 & GEN[11].GT = 0 & GEN[12].GT = 0"  > filtered_snps.vcf

(it would keep SNPs that are all genotyped as variant for all first 6 samples, and genotyped as reference for the last 6 samples)

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciated it! I am currently trying your recommendation, but having some trouble. Hope you could further help me out. 1. The SnpSift manual says I can create an expression using sample names instead of genotype numbers, so I put sample1name in GEN[], am I doing it right? 2. The organism I am working on is diploid, so I changed the genotype type to 1/1 instead of 1.

cat snps.vcf | java -Xmx20000m -jar SnpSift.jar filter "GEN[sample1name].GT = 1/1"

It gives me the following output. Could you please correct me if I did anything wrong? Thanks again!

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: INFO field 'H' not found in VCF header
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.Field.getReturnType(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.Field.eval(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.ExpressionBinary.eval(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.ExpressionBinary.eval(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.FieldSub.evalIndex(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.FieldSub.evalIndex(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.FieldGenotype.evalGenotype(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.FieldGenotype.getFieldString(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.Field.eval(
at org.snpsift.lang.expression.ExpressionBinary.eval(
at org.snpsift.SnpSiftCmdFilter.evaluate(
at org.snpsift.SnpSiftCmdFilter.annotate(
at org.snpsift.SnpSift.main(
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You're welcome! It seems that there is something wrong with the header of your vcf.

To use samples names instead of their position you have to be sure to have a properly formated header in your vcf.

It must be like described here :

With the samples names like this (it's a tabulation between each fields):


Also the syntax of diploid genotypes requires simples quotes in the SnpSift command :

cat cancer.vcf | java -jar SnpSift.jar filter "GEN[Somatic].GT = '2/1'"
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Hi guillaume.rbt, thank you for your kind reply!! After modifying the code, I had the same error as I posted above. I am not aware of anything wrong in the header of my vcf file. I attached a small section of my vcf file, it would be great if you could help me take a look at it. Thanks again!


#CHROM POS ID REF ALT QUAL FILTER INFO FORMAT H3-H-3.sorted.bam H3-H-5.sorted.bam H3-H-6.sorted.bam H3-WZ-1.sorted.bam H3-WZ-2.sorted.bam H3-WZ-5.sorted.bam WZ3-H-1.sorted.bam WZ3-H-2.sorted.bam WZ3-H-6.sorted.bam WZ3-WZ-1.sorted.bam WZ3-WZ-2.sorted.bam WZ3-WZ-3.sorted.bam

7000000185249020 4947 . C T 47.8636 . DP=133;VDB=0.109869;SGB=3.0073;RPB=0.997443;MQB=0.493166;BQB=0.964275;MQ0F=0.0225564;ICB=0.0072327;HOB=0.00347222;AC=1;AN=24;DP4=125,0,6,0;MQ=43 GT:PL 0/0:0,93,183 0/0:0,12,62 0/0:0,18,120 0/0:0,9,18 0/0:0,12,40 0/0:0,36,164 0/0:0,3,36 0/0:0,27,157 0/0:0,51,170 0/0:0,18,63 0/0:0,60,138 0/1:87,0,146

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Indeed your VCF header seems ok, have you tried without the samples names but with their position number to see if it would work?

(for example, a test for just your first sample, H3-H-3.sorted.bam, being alternative homozygote : SnpSift.jar filter "GEN[0].GT=='1/1'" )

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It actually worked when I tried "GEN[0].GT=='1/1'" instead of using sample name! I guess I will go with that. Sorry for keeping bugging you, I just had another question. Does the 0 in GEN[0] refer to the first sample in VCF file? In my case, I have 12 samples, so I would put GEN[0] to GEN[11] in the code, is that correct? I guess it is a little bit counter intuitive to me using 0 to refer to the first sample.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciated your time and help!

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Sorry I couldnt't help you with the sample name issue! Yes indeed the 0 correspond to the first sample, and 11 would be the 12th sample. Best of luck with your analysis

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